How Women Can Tell If A Guy Is Interested - The Signs To Look For!

Published: 04th August 2009
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How can women tell when a guy likes them or if he is interested? You notice him there while you were sitting and conversing with friends. You think he sees you, but maybe it was your imagination or entirely wishful thinking. He looked next to you at almost the same period you seen him. You're not positive but you're almost certain that your eyes met for exactly a few ticks of the clock, and then you turned away. As soon as you peeked back, he was chatting with some other girls. Was he watching you while you mingled? We're you just imagining that, making it up, or simply had wishful thoughts? How can women decipher if a man noticed them? Why are males so brutal to figure out?

There are five keys that he is interested in you also. If some of the following materializes, he is most likely trying to move close enough to ask you for your number:

1. He Whispers To Another Person: There's a sign of interest and a clue he likes you if he whispers to a mutual companion that he wants to hear new details about you. He may ask other coworkers or friends who you are; or where you are from. He's trying to put it on like he's "just making conversation," but his intentions indicate that it's more than a casual attraction. Often after he tells another person that he finds you desirable; he realizes that it will most likely be whispered back to you. He's actually hopeful that it will.

2. The Glance or Look: He sends a look your way that shows his calm outer surface. Even if he is clear across the room, the party, or the dance floor, it's "that deep look" he reveals that shows it clear as day. The look sends a deep tingle that begins running from your head, down and out your toes. That look is human attraction, it is real, and it is deliberate. The look will usually follow with a cute smile.

3. The Conversation: After He positions himself close enough to you and ask you questions, or conjure up a conversation... He is interested. He seems to be listening and reacts to the things you say. Al the while he's moving through the conversation to that ultimate question; "Are you seeing someone?" This is not just a general question. He would only voice these words if he desired to date you, and he prays your answer is "No, I'm not." A key point is to never ever wear any type of rings in public. If a man is across a room, he can't declare which finger the ring is on. If he guessed incorrectly that you are married, it may never evolve. If he does not ask you that question of whether or not you are with someone, he just may ask someone whom you both know or someone else you are with at the time.

4. Suddenly Appears Unexpectedly: This is the classic male move. He's thinking of you often when he conjures up a plan to bump into you. He is very interested if he appears suddenly out of nowhere. He does this by asking people about your schedule, or maybe he has been paying attention to places you are going. His plan takes time when he nails it down to the point and time you will be there. The expression on his face usually becomes "RED" as soon as he sees you. Next comes the obviously disguised and impulsive words from his mouth, "Oh, hey there." This is the mans way of saying, "I don't like to appear obvious, but I'm interested in you." If you're at all interested; then this is the time for women to do something. If you have the same interests and/or feel the same way, don't appear shy. Chat to him.

5. "Every Guy," Likes You: It's about the vibe you give off. Think about it. If you are well liked and a joyful individual, why shouldn't he be interested? Be confident and think in the back of your mind; "Of course they're interested." A strong, joyful, happy, and confident persona gets noticed and is attractive. Get noticed by being confident in your own skin. However, if you're down on your luck, feeling bad about yourself, and come off pissy and pitiful, you're less attractive. Make sense?

This is your moment to start changing your luck. Yes, you can make your own luck. Take a look around. Take notice of who's looking and who's not. Present yourself, your laugh, your smile, and your personality to get men to notice you. Men will be physically attracted to you if you present yourself to be more approachable. If you lump around with a stale attitude you will come across as stiff and non-approachable. Take a hard look at your career, your posture, your future desires, your activities and your surroundings. Be active and get out there with what interests you. Read your book in the park instead of behind closed doors, eat lunch out-of-the-office with co-workers, instead of alone behind your desk, walk your dog after work instead of just letting him out in the backyard... And, look around for who's noticing.

These are five simple signs that he is interested in you and that he is on the cusp of asking you to dinner, a movie, for a drink, or simply a cup of coffee. Make this process easier on yourself. Believe me; when he is interested... He's scared to death. He's deathly afraid of blowing it, saying something stupid, or looking like a fool. Be friendly and inviting. This is where good relationships begin and evolve.

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